Viewing Fujifilm’s RAF Files

With RAF format becoming popular, its high time we get the operating systems to support the format for previewing without having to open a heavy client app like Photoshop. I’ve been searching for one such app to open the Fujifilm’s RAF files and never kind of found one until today. After a few searches and some investigation, I found a gem called FastStone image viewer. Its a free download for personal use and need license for commercial use. It was easy to install and has a great user interface to preview RAF files.

My core scenario here, is to preview them on Windows file explorer which still hasn’t been solved but if you open the FastStone image viewer first and browse the files within the app, then you can preview the file or move/copy to folders as needed.

Here is how my workflow goes now –

a) Plug in the SD card to the PC’s card reader
b) Open FastStone image viewer
c) Browse the PC Folder tree within the app’s “browser mode”
d) You can see the thumbnails of the pictures as well as a preview of the RAF file selected

Windows Defender cleared the file download so I’m trusting the file to not be a malware or virus.

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